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Employer Onboarding Plan

Discover Draxon Care's Capabilities

  • Understand the extensive services Draxon Care offers to meet your workforce objectives.

  • Gain insight into the selection, hiring, and onboarding processes to grasp your journey as an employer with Draxon Care.

  • Learn about your candidates' journey and your role in ensuring their successful onboarding and retention.

three men using MacBooks
three men using MacBooks

Our Mission and Passion

  • Draxon Care is dedicated to building a robust aged care workforce by connecting Australian employers with qualified international labor.

  • We believe in empowering our industry partners with ongoing long term outcome, enhancing the quality of care provided to the elderly.

  • Our goal is to make a transforming skills gaps across Australian Industrie, transforming lives and the aged care industry in Australia.

a scrabble type block spelling the word miss, sits next to a bouquet
a scrabble type block spelling the word miss, sits next to a bouquet

Draxon Care's Holistic Approach

  • We provide end-to-end workforce solutions, simplifying the hiring and retention of skilled international professionals.

  • Our services extend beyond employment to support candidates toward permanent residency in Australia, reflecting our commitment to their long-term success.

Employer's Journey with Draxon Care

  • Partnership & Recruitment Agreement: Engage with Draxon Care to outline your staffing needs and establish a recruitment plan.

  • Recruitment Process: Benefit from a streamlined recruitment process, with Draxon Care managing candidate selection and visa processing.

  • Onboarding: Draxon Care assists with candidate onboarding, ensuring they understand Australian workplace culture and compliance requirements.

  • Account Management & Sponsorship: Receive dedicated support from Draxon Care, including ongoing account management and assistance with sponsorship requirements.

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asphalt road between trees

Onboarding and Support by Draxon Care

  • Australian Workplace Culture Induction: Candidates receive an induction into Australian workplace culture and best practices.

  • Settlement Support: Draxon Care assists candidates with setting up necessary services such as Tax File Numbers, bank accounts, and accommodation.

  • Visa Transition and Compliance: Guidance on visa transition requirements, including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and skills assessments.

person in red sweater holding babys hand
person in red sweater holding babys hand